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Michal Mael “The Queen of Rocks™”, spiritual mentor, energy & rock positioning expert, speaker, author & CEO.


Rock Our World is committed to teaching you how to embody wellness by empowering you to discover your own inner healing abilities and experience a greater connection to oneness. Our mission is accomplished through retreats, seminars, and Michal Mael’s specialized online Mastery Heart Healing program. Michal has broken down her years of expertise into four separate online courses designed to help transform energy and create abundance in your life, in your home, in your business, and in your relationships. Rock Our World is the go-to source for information on healing stones and the positive energy flow that helps balance the body, mind and spirit.


Spiritual Coach, Energy & Rock Positioning Expert, Speaker, Author, and CEO, Michal Mael has been in the business of semi-precious stones since the age of 10.

Affectionately known as “The Queen of Rocks,” Michal is best known for selecting and creating opulent energy pieces called Nature’s Art Décor™ and importing and exporting them worldwide.

She’s also known for coaching interior and exterior designers on the function of energy using her signature Energy Positioning Blueprint™ which maps out where to position crystals to enhance health, improve relationships, have a deeper spiritual connection, and promote wealth and abundance of all kinds.  Her signature keynotes emphasize the positive impact of crystal energy with a direct connection to finding clarity of purpose and understanding Mastery Heart Healing, which together enriches our lives.

Michal (which is pronounced like the last name “McCall”) has worked in the healing space for over 23 years and is the #1 importer of Nature’s Art Decor in the U.S.  She travels across continents, handpicking the finest eco-conscious gems from mines in China, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Morocco, and beyond. In collaboration with her seasoned craftsmen, she transforms these gems into exclusive art pieces embodying elegance, affluence, and abundance.  Michal founded “Rock Our World” in 1999 and later “Michal & Company,” specializing in importing, designing, and creating unique Nature’s Art Décor™.

Although rocks called her from an early age, Michal was later awakened to the fact that she has exceptional healing abilities. Teaching people to connect with what’s real through energy work’ hands-on healing, kinesiology, meditation, and more, Michal speaks about her Mastery Heart Healing™ work to audiences all over the world.  She shares personal stories from a lifetime of travel, adventure, life lessons and living life in the 21st century Aquarian age, Being a professional woman and mother with children of special needs and tenacity, combined with experiential learning techniques, to help you connect with your life’s true purpose (she calls clearing).

“Rock Our World” now offers online courses in addition to retreats and shopping.

Michal has broken down her years of expertise into four separate online courses designed to help transform energy and create abundance in life, home, business, and relationships.  Michal also conducts healing retreats for those who wish to connect on a deeper level.  Rock Our World is the go-to source for information on gemstones and healing stones and energy that helps balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Born in Israel, Michal moved to the U.S. and grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. Today, she resides in Los Angeles with her twins and works out of her renowned gallery.

Note: Name is pronounced “McCall”


2017 “Woman of The Year Award” – National Association of Professional Women

“Making a Difference” Nominee by the Los Angeles Business Journal

VIP Member, National Association of Professional Women

CEOSpace Alumni

Honored by BFAR and NCC In Philippines


Rock Our World is dedicated to delivering transformation, an opening of the Soulself™, and creating energy spaces within the home and heart to achieve higher levels of openly conscious humanity, receiving abundance in every aspect of life today.


We aim to share our knowledge of energy and Nature’s Art Décor™ with our clients, in order to create a connection to the heart space that they will pass forward to humanity.

I recently attended “Rock my World” retreat facilitated by Michael Mael as a participant and collaborator. Michal and I had been doing The Work for 12 years that our beloved teacher Charles Mc Call founded. His Work facilitated the healing of the healer by healing the emotional heart. When I found out that Michal was going to facilitate a retreat based on the work our teacher started I got excited and I knew I had to be there!

For Michal, this retreat was her 1st time ever doing group work on her own. I got excited because knowing her, I knew she was taking a huge leap of faith by responding to a higher call to introduce The Work to a group of people who are totally new to this kind of healing work.

In the retreat I witnessed Michal being totally open to be the voice and hands of Spirit working through her. She was allowing the downloads of information for each participant. Michal was focus giving total attention to the individual assisting to go deeper in his/her heart to access the information that is in there.

A great teacher is not the one that gives answers but guides the individual to hear the wise answers within, and Michal did a great job doing it!

If you or if you know someone who would benefit from this kind of work contact Michal you will make the best financial and time investment of your life!

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