Infuse your home or commercial space with what you want most – health, wealth, love, and ENERGY.

A bespoke approach for introducing rocks and crystals that optimize the energy of the individual and their property.

Michal Mael has decades of proven results that Nature’s Art Decor™ shifts an environment’s energy and changes your personal energy when crystals are placed correctly. Michal has dedicated the past 20 years to teaching people about Nature’s Art Decor™ and the use of energetic rocks to enhance their lives in health, wealth, love, and connection to spirit.


We welcome you to open your heart and mind to see how Nature’s Art Decor™ can be a part of your everyday surroundings to redefine beauty from the inside out.

Natural Art Décor™ in your home or workspace can infuse you with the universal energy you need to attract what you desire most.

  • Experience all-encompassing shifts if growth in business, love, and life.
  • Go to the next level, using many modalities to make it happen.
  • Shift your space to open up to more creativity and abundance in every aspect of life and work.
  • Clear and shift your life so you can create your truth and a new reality that serves you better.

Nature’s Art Decor™ can help you:

  • Bring love into your life
  • Clear your thinking and mental fog
  • Release unwanted energy
  • Live in abundance
  • Gain wealth
  • Improve health
  • Diminish anger
  • Stop insomnia and encourage restful sleep
  • Decrease joint and back pain
  • End depression and anxiety
  • Bring more joy into your life
  • Increase self confidence
  • Bring more calm into your everyday
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Give you greater happiness
  • Encourage creativity

Our Signature Energy Positioning Blueprint™

Our exclusive approach creates home and business environments that boost health, well being, love, energy, productivity, and abundance.

The Michal & Co. Energy Positioning Blueprint™ can be used for any space. To give you a sense of how it works, let’s focus on the process for an office.


Together, we look at what you want. Whether it is more money, less stress, or better energy, we will look at your space and its configuration. Every person and every challenge is different, so each consultation will be tailored to the individual and location.


Using our founding principles of the Energy Positioning Blueprint, we incorporate our Energy Space Alignment™ technique, beginning with the area where you sit, where the desk is, and the location of windows and entrances. From there, we can see how to best introduce crystal placements based on the space.


One of the energy stones needed for creating more wealth is Citrine. It’s the golden dragon in Chinese culture that brings money and keeps it in the family. Citrine also brings happiness and calm, two very important traits that allow money to show up. Place Citrine in the area of your money, such as your desk. Larger pieces positioned behind you can also make a powerful impact. If you have a bank bag or cash register, you should put a small piece there as well.


In business, there is so much stress that comes from the outside. Black Tourmaline logs should be placed in-between you and sources of stress, including other people.


Another amazing crystal for the office is Quartz Crystal. Watch out for this one! You must clear the crystal before it enters your place of money. If you can put a crystal point in the center of the room or hang a pendulum from the ceiling. It will bring power and energy.


These are just a few energy rocks that can shift your space, creating an energetic field that encourages money, calm, and protection.


Once you have a plan to achieve what you want in the space, Michal will source the ideal crystals and stones to optimize both the beauty and energy to your environment. Previous consulting clients have shared their phenomenal results:

”Michal walked into my house and she saw the problem immediately. Sure, I had altars set up all pretty but they had no focus and weren’t properly placed. For someone who reads a lot of books I thought I knew what I was doing.


“Michal quickly moved things around, eliminated what wasn’t necessary and focused each altar on my true intention.


“People walk in now and always say the same thing: ‘I’ve never been in a home that is so comfortable before. And it’s so you!’ I think the altars make all the difference to turning my house into a home with a specific energy and vibration.


If you want a home that vibrates your energy and is in tune with your intention, hire Michal. She’s the one I turn to and I’ve had such great healing and success with her support!”  –Rhonda Britten



“Michal is a truly a wonder at selecting the best pieces for the atmosphere you want to create. Her pieces are high quality, gorgeous, and it’s always a lovely experience dealing with her and her staff. The best part is she takes great care in asking the right questions to ensure I end up with exactly what I need. I have hired her many times and I keep going back again and again because of Michal’s expertise.”  –Orna Walters



“Working with Michal & Company was an energizing and wonderful experience. I am the creator of the nationally syndicated Television Show, Wake Up!, and our set designer needed something to add to the depth and richness that would set our show apart, both visually and energetically.


“Michal & Co not only exceeded our expectations in the quality of geodes and natural decor we selected, but in the tremendous customer service we received as well. Michal is the kindest heart and most certainly, the best partner in business you could possibly have. I could not recommend her and her gorgeous stones highly enough.”  –Lisa Marie

Ready to experience the power of crystals to transform your life, work, and space?

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