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Our online experiences offer you the freedom to explore Michal’s wisdom about energy, rock positioning, and the SoulSelf™ at your own pace from the comfort of home.

About Online Experiences

Draw from the wisdom of “the Queen of Rocks™” in flexible, fast-paced online programs in your area of interest.


Our online courses guide you to connect with the SoulSelf™ and use stones to balance energy in your area of interest.

Each course below is delivered digitally as soon as you sign up. You’ll have access forever, so you can take the course as quickly or as leisurely as you choose. They take approximately [how many?] hours to complete.

Michal guides you with encouragement along the journey. You’ll feel supported as you work through the modules and get opportunities to put your new skills to use.


Online Experiences Designed for You


Rock’n Your Life

If you could start your life all over again, what would you want it to look like? Unconditional love? Stress-free? Abundant health and prosperity?

Michal has a unique gift for opening hearts and helping people release emotional and spiritual negativity so they can fulfill their potential. In this unparalleled experience, she enables the audience to explore meditation, teachings of the chakra, how to energize with stones and hypnotherapy as tools for exploring the purpose and passions of their lives.

By taking a deep dive into how the chakra system works in the body, and how stones fit in your life to help you, you will complete this online program with better energy, state of mind, health, and a full heart.


Rock’n Your Home

It doesn’t matter where you go. The source of your discontentment will come back. It’s time to fix the source.

In this empowering online program, Michal can teach you how your home can do the work for you.

Based on her signature Energy Positioning Blueprint™, you’ll find out how to:

  • Check the energy in each room
  • Clear the location
  • Put stones in the correct spots for ultimate energy
  • Balance the energy in a space
  • Release what is no longer needed in any room
  • Design with color for ultimate chakra awareness
  • Use a pendulum for spacing and selecting stones
  • Place stones for clients or staging homes

You’ll be able to put everything you learn to use right away to refresh your home with vibrant, rejuvenating energy.


Rock’n Your Business

Can you imagine waking up in the morning excited to go to work with exuberance?

Michal will show you how it’s possible by learning how to:

  • Do business from a place of spiritually with an open heart
  • Use collaboration as the key to coexisting with competitors
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Love sales, including selling who you are
  • Rock your workspace with stones to add a sense of energy, creativity, productivity, comradery, and love

As a successful business owner since the age of 19, Michal takes work to a new level, teaching you to stay open to your higher self and to those in front of you. The goal is for you to flourish at the top of your field, with ethics, love, and trust in your higher self.

If you’re ready to work with passion, intention, and fulfillment in your heart, this online program is for you.  


Rock’n Your Relationships

Did you know that it’s possible to set up your home to welcome the relationship you desire?

Anyone looking for love in their life will feel empowered by Michal’s wisdom and experience.

In this dynamic online program, you will find out how to:

  • Release old energy that holds you back from receiving love
  • Understand that we are never without love  – we only need what it takes to give and receive love
  • Let go of old loves to get the relationship you want today
  • Set up the stones of heart energy, healing, and openness to let love into your life and your space
  • Let God be the ultimate source of love

Past participants have been amazed by the shift that takes place in their love lives after learning from Michal.

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