Forgive, Release, and Move
Onward to Oneness

Michal Mael, the Queen of Rocks, hosts energy retreats for those seeking to connect with the SoulSelfTM on the deepest level in luxurious accommodations.

Ignite a Healing Journey Within You

You feel there is something missing.
You know you need clarity.

You wonder about life’s great questions:

  • Why am I here? What is my purpose?
  • How do I level up?
  • How do I connect to spirit to get answers?

It doesn’t matter how much you attain and achieve in your life, you keep coming back to a familiar feeling that you can’t be your true self in the world.


Discover how to go deep within, connect with your SoulSelfTM, and release the old patterns and stuck energy that hold you back.


I’m Michal Mael, also known as the Queen of Rocks, and I serve as a guide to bring you the clarity you seek during my sacred energy retreats for those seeking to connect with spirit on the deepest level in luxurious accommodations.

At our retreats, we create space for you to answer life’s big questions as you experience moments that motivate, heal, and inspire transformational shifts that will bring forth an abundance of love, happiness, clearing, and connection.

  • Our retreats serve those who are looking to create a deep connection to spirit, which will expand all areas of your life – business, relationships, self-searching, health, and energy. This journey of oneness is the most important and most useful for bringing about the change you desire.
  • Lovingly, we provide you with a multi-sensory experience, utilizing many modalities including meditation, 3D altars, vision boards, group discussion, yoga, hands-on healing, neuro-linguistic programming, singing bowls, and many more.
  • If this resonates with you, please connect with us. We are here to serve you.

Upcoming Retreats

Spring 2019

Southern California

Fall 2019

East Coast

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