Past Speaking Engagements 

Michal Mael “The Rock Lady”, transformational coach, energy & rock positioning expert, speaker, author & CEO.

Michal Mael has worked in the healing space for over 23 years. Teaching people to connect with what’s real through energy work, breath work, kinesiology, meditation, and more, Michal speaks about her Mastery Heart Healing™ work to audiences all over the world. She shares personal stories from a lifetime of travel, adventure, and tenacity, combined with experiential learning techniques, to help you connect with your life’s true purpose. Whether it’s a crystal therapy course, or a discussion of the seven chakras, or a class on the care and storage of crystals, Michal encourages us to take the journey towards self-discovery and self-healing. Michal is living, breathing proof that something magical happens when we use crystals in our daily lives.

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